Single note techniques

Picking sequences (the first ever column)

Picking sequences 2

Fiendish picking

Note control

I, Sybarite

Legato technique 1

Legato technique 2

Fingertapping 1

Fingertapping 2

Sweep picking 1

Sweep picking 2

Soloing techniques 1

Soloing techniques 2


Irritating licks


Thematic variations

Temporal picking, pt 1

Temporal picking, pt 2

Loving the aeolian – On the Aeolian mode and its joys

Pick and fingers pt 1

Pick and fingers pt 2

Pure technique

Digital accuracy – On the accurate application of the digits to the strings.

In odd we trust pt 1

In odd we trust pt 2

In odd we trust pt 3

Playing with a band

Reading charts pt 1

Reading charts pt 2

Rehearsal technique

From rehearsal room to showtime!

Stylistic variation

Prog guitar 1

Prog guitar 2

Shut up and dance 1

Shut up and dance 2

Mandolin Workshop – The mandolin is a splendid instrument for a guitar player to pick up in order to expand their repertoire …

Acoustic fingerstyle guitar

Acoustic with pick and fingers

The thinking guitarist

I think, therefore I rock pt 1

I think, therefore I rock pt 2

I think, therefore I rock pt 3

Phrasing with modes pt 1

Phrasing with modes pt 2

Phrasing pt 3

Phrasing pt 4

Rhythm guitar techniques

Rock rhythm pt 1

Rock rhythm pt 2

Layering metal guitars

Rhythmic application pt 1

Rhythmic application pt 2

Single-note riffage

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  1. Pete, thanks for posting these. Those guitarist jokes are true, I was ruthlessly humiliated by a devilishly difficult bigband chart on Monday. Should’ve paid more attention during your class!


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