An ill wind

Now then, I’m all for discussion and that, but sometimes I do wonder what motivates people. Yesterday’s quick blog post on Bob Hoskins and Parkinson’s elicited one comment, which was perhaps in poor taste considering. It went as follows:

Submitted on 2012/08/09 at 10:00 am
Interesting with excitement Parkinson’s twitter account re-tweeted your interesting take, yet many times did not mine yet I bring much needed news to the discussion. Is the reason for this the last thing a charity desires is a cure to be found for their chosen illness. Cure = no more charity. Funny than.
You may care to read and comment on my understanding of this simple to understand disorder?
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best wishes
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I may well care to read and comment on this individual’s ‘understanding of this simple to understand disorder’, but would point out that I know that several people who work for this and other PD charities are PWP, and thus are, I suspect, more interested in a cure than a job.
But the comment has a wider validity, though the writer (and those of similar comments and messages I’ve received regards a ‘cure’) may not have intended it. Developing PD is a bitch, let’s make no bones about it. I would much rather it had stayed away. There is, however, some good to be found.
Parkinson’s may be slowly fucking up my life, but it has brought a certain focus, a certain meaning, to it also.
It’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good, and PD gives with one hand as it takes with the other.
But ‘best wishes’? As I’ve said before, never write online something you wouldn’t happily say to someone in a pub. In a pub, you can react the way you’d like to.
Consider yourself reacted to.

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  1. Dear Best Wishes c/o the lovely Pete’s blog

    Suggestion, stick to something useful, like the building of a replica of the Eiffel Tower to scale using dust and PVA glue….. (by comparison to your comment that is)

    ‘have a nice day’

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