Black Box

Black Box is a collection of stories that were written between 1998 and 2011. I’m not exactly prolific. They cover a wide range of topics while never straying far from ‘the’ question. From hangovers to Faustian bargains, the stories are often about stories. And some of them are true. Cover by Helen Masacz.

Available now on Amazon in e-book and c-book formats and in the US at the createspace store.


The blurb:

Dark, compelling and comedic in equal, if not unequivocal, measure, Black Box is a collection of short stories that insinuate their way into the unconscious, creating a literary itch that demands it be scratched. Death, impotence, storytelling and the legend of Robert Johnson are all highlighted by the author’s unforgiving style. The final piece, ‘a short, dark season’, uses survivor narratives to draw a vivid picture of the brutal realities of the 1942 refugee crisis in Burma, when thousands died fleeing the advancing Japanese.

On Black Box:

‘Langman is a fine writer. Dark yet witty, both light and profound. I found myself frequently both amused and disturbed. It’s a rare gift.’ Anthony McGowan, award-winning author

‘Pete Langman’s stories invite you into a cold, unsettling world in which ugly things happen. His writing however is clean and perceptive; you are transported into strange minds and settings and you leave feeling like you know a bit more about the human condition.’ Araminta Hall, author

Black Box Forthcoming

Black Box Forthcoming

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