A series of irritating events

Well, July was a funny old month, and no mistake. The rain fell, the summer came, went, and came again, and I did myself the opposite of proud.
It started against Linden Park, where the age-old issue of people playing out of their league came back to haunt me. This time it was a bowler who has no business plying his trade in div 10. simply too quick, and too accurate. He cleaned us all up, and sent me back into the hutch with an lbw shout I had no argument with. Annoying, but that’s life. Then came a short run of half-starts in which, frankly, I’ve been struggling with my natural inclinations after the last few decent innings. Continue reading

What a difference a day makes

Well, I’m not entirely convinced it makes that much difference, all things considered, but sometimes it’s impossible to make like-for-like comparisons without unleashing a world of irritation, a sort of sachet of fleas. When I compared last season to this I did so before the game when, last year, I scored my best ever … a glorious and most enjoyable 78. By the point chosen this year, I’d hit 247 runs at 15.4, almost entirely left-handed; last year I had scored 194 at 12. since then, I’ve scored 0, 0, and 2. last year, I scored 78, 17, 1. Continue reading

All the gear, no idea

[first published back in May]

There’s a certain type of cricketer, just as there’s a certain type of guitar player, whose financial acumen far outstrips their technical ability. Their story is very often a simple case of played when young, stopped due to kids/work, hit 40. At this age, a man (or woman, naturally, though there’s a less clear trajectory in their case, I find) tends to stop and take stock of his life. Continue reading

100 runs in May?

Like Nick Compton, I was stymied in my attempt to score 100 runs by the end of May – and in similar fashion, through a combination of the weather and a rash stroke. Well, needing but 8 runs, I rashly missed a straight one. Yes, I know NC narrowly missed out on 1000 runs, but I reckon that a club cricketer in his first season of batting left-handed and with a touch of the old Parkinson’s can count 100 runs in the same breath.
I’ve been working really hard in the nets, and like many this damp season, have found scoring runs extremely hard. But lo, what numbers through yonder scorebook break? Here are my innings to date: Continue reading

From dexter to sinister again

[first published 20th March 2012]

Things advance in some ways. Two weeks ago I made a short film of a coaching session I had with Simon Funnell. Forty minutes of one-handed drills are exhausting, and even using a lighter bat, 2lbs8oz instead of the 2lbs10oz one which I carried through last season, my right arm was exhausted by the end. You see, I’m not permitted to engage my left hand until the middle of April at best. This is frustrating in many ways, not least because I can’t bat properly nor practice behind the timbers at all. Methinks I’ll start the first game down the order and in the deep. Or scoring. Continue reading