From dexter to sinister V

Naturally, my current left shoulder issues precludes anything active in the way of training, but I have prepared myself for the time, and I expect it to be next week, when my left shoulder is strong enough to withstand my right arm doing stuff. Right now too much right-hand activity goes straight to the left shoulder. Which we don’t like at all. No, no … not a bit of it.
So, I have mad a random purchase. Basically the middle bit of a cricket bat and a cricket ball and golf ball on the end of some thick elasticated string.
You hang the balls from above – I will use a doorframe – and biff them, while paying great attention to technique. Naturally, one can either hit the ball while it’s stationary or while it’s still moving a little.
The whole thing stems from Donald Bradman’s training method of a golf ball on a string. It’s a simple enough principle … if you can hit a golf ball with a bat that’s one third of the width of a normal bat, then you’ll find it easier to hit a bigger ball with a bigger bat …
Well, we’ll see, soon enough. The real attraction for me is that the bat is light, so I can train with just my top hand, and get my technique spot on … without getting so tired, so I can train for longer. I will also get assistance with weekly throwdowns … I shall be a convincing leftie … I shall be sinister … I shall …

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