Lies, damned lies, and … hang on …

So, the season is drawing to a blustery close, and in my 38th innings (I know, I have truly gorged myself on cricket this year) I hit the heady heights of 400 runs. I ought to be pleased, really, considering I started by batting left-handed (and with only the right-hand available for use), a total switch of styles. Of these 38 innings, four involved me actively switching from left to right-handed after 18 runs or so. The idea was that I got my eye in left-handed, then went on the attack right-handed. I had observed that I was more difficult to get out left-handed, but scored more freely right-handed.
Imagine my surprise when I did a few calculations. The following numbers take a bit of digesting, but I think you’ll cope.

Left-handed: 103-12-3-11.5

Right-handed: 178-23-1-8.09

Switch: 119-4-1-39.6

Lefty incl switch: 175-16-4-14.6

Righty incl switch: 225-27-2-9

Now, plainly the switch innings are a little skewed, with only four innings counting, and there were perhaps four other innings where I intended to switch, but got out before I had the chance.
Now, do the numbers need qualification or do they simply shout ‘lefty’ at me?

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