batting for parkinson’s

436 runs scored – £2717.35 collected so far

Well, unsurprisingly, the final fixture – appropriately, a benefit game for Jon Stamford, another parky cricketer who has sadly had to lay down his bat – was rained off, with great pools of water gathering in the outfield. This leaves me to consider my season. And what a season it was.
I played an astonishing 41 innings, for several teams, including Maresfield, Moulsecomb Wanderers, the Bellters, Hammerwood, Brighton Nomads and Seaford. I had mixed fortunes, it must be said, starting with an unbeaten (left-handed) 40, and ending with two ducks. In fact, I registered ten minimums this season, two of which were first ball (I was on a hat-trick … yeouch), and hit the forties four times, with scores of 40no, 40, 44no and 48no. I failed to score thirty, scored 20 twice, hit single figures ten times, and registered in the teens twelve times.
My average overall, with 436 runs scored and five not outs, was a pitiful 11.8. This further breaks down as follows:

l/h – 103-13-3-10.3

r/h – 192-25-1-8.1

switch – 141-5-1-35

It’s the final figure which is most impressive, and interesting. That and 8 of my ducks were right-handed. It seems that I bat best when I commence left-handed and switch when (or if) I get my eye in. the stats naturally fail to include those innings where I intended to switch but didn’t have the chance.
Conclusion? Right-handed I’m vulnerable early on. Left-handed I’m a slow but steady player. Combine the two, and I start to look almost competent!
Still, the sponsorship drive went well, with the total collected currently standing at £1458.60, which with gift aid counted, makes a whopping £1779.60 all told! And that’s with just 24 pledges realised … with the remaining twenty or so the total should break the £3000 mark.
And that, good people, is what it’s all about!

Time to donate! Go to my virgingiving sponsorship page … all donations will go directly to the Brighton and Hove Parkinson’s support group, and I’ll be reporting back on how it’s being spent presently.

I’ve been writing a column for All Out Cricket, on whose website you can find a video or two, and a regular update piece.

Inns: 41  runs: 436    ppr: 525/200, 490 ppr past 500 runs     total monies: 2278.20

catches: 14 stumpings: 3 (3RO) (1200p)

catches: 50p stumpings: 100p 50s: 1100p

HDWMCC runs: 10p (1080)

vs Heathfield (r) – 0
vs Streat (l) – 0
vs Warninglid (l/r) – 22
vs Horsham (r) – 14
vs Brighton Trotters (r) – 18
vs Streat (r) 0
vs Albourne (r) – 3
vs Linden Park (r) – 1
vs Sidley (r) – 1
vs Glynde (r) – 15
vs Steyning (r) – 48no
vs Unicorns (r) – 17
vs Ringmer (r) – 10
vs Sambuca Tigers (r) – 0
vs Buxted Park (r) – 12
vs Lewes Priory (r) – 13
vs Preston Nomads (r) – 0
vs Custom Bat Forum (l) – 1
vs Hastings (l) – 2
vs Sambuca Tigers (r) – 0
vs Ashdown Forest (l) – 0
vs Uckfield (l) – 12
vs Jevington (l) – 17
vs Laughton (r) – 14
vs Linden Park (l) – 0
vs Goldstone Villains (r) – 11
vs Brighton ?? (l/r) – 18
vs Walberton (l) – 1
vs Glynde (l/r) – 44no
vs Greeheath (l/r) – 40
for Hammerwood (r) – 0
vs Mayfield (r) – 0
vs Chalvington – 5
vs Mayfield – 5
vs Lewes – 0no
vs Albourne – 6
vs Hastings – 20
vs Twineham – 16no
vs Uckfield – 5
vs Laughton- 3
vs Lancing – 2
vs Angmering – 40no

sponsor roll: David Bowden, Reggie Perrin, Ruth Walker, Dr Cath Waller, Colleen Henderson-Heywood, Karen and Guy Smith, Andrew Fowler, Jim Gibson, Steve Setters, Rory MacFadyen, Jacqueline Johnson, Rob Blackham, Rachel Junior, Chris Pullen, Dr Kay Diggens, Vix Hobbs, Aimee Feenan, Liz Davidson, Dr. Elizabeth Evenden, Wayne Harris, Ian Rogers, Will Scott, Dr Nadine Akkerman, Mathew Donfrancesco, Kevin Cooke, Eleanor Updale, Kate and Doug Dennis, James Bowen, Raymond Williams, Kersten Luts, Dr. Chloe Houston, Heather MacDonald Tait, Steve Veal, Russell Keefe, Danny Sherwin, Giri Ganesh, Dr Rosy Cox, Martin Stiles, Michele Langman, Irfan Kazmi, Twineham and Wineham CC, Philippa Morgan, Karen Johnson, Jon Stamford, Natalie Brown,

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