Killing Beauties

Described as ‘Pacy, visceral and thrillingly dark’ by Andrea Zuvich, and by historian Leanda de Lisle as ‘A thrilling story inspired by a true and lost history’, Killing Beauties follows two female spies as they do surreptitious battle with Cromwell’s spymaster, John Thurloe.

Reader Reviews

‘It is no exaggeration to say that this world is as skilfully evoked as Mantel’s work of the other Cromwellian Era’ – Ewan Lawrie

‘An excellent historical novel and an excellent espionage novel that should delight fans of both genres’ – Renaissance mathematicus

‘Killing Beauties is an engaging and well researched piece of costume drama acted out on a turbulent and dangerous stage.’ – Fully Booked

‘This is a sometimes shocking, sometimes surprising and always entertaining book.’ – Julia Barha

‘Dark with a dangerous edge […] realistic and brilliantly researched.’ – Jan’s Book Buzz

‘Gripping historical fiction … beautifully written, his research and erudition shine through each sentence’ – Andrea Zuvich

‘Marvellous fun to read […] Highly recommended historical fiction.’ – Rosie Writes

‘What a fantastic read […] if you love historical fiction – and even if you don’t – this is a thrilling ride by anyone’s standards’ (Veronika Jordan) – ‘Funny and sassy’ (Nicola Mackenzie-Smaller) – ‘Very well written with intrigue and humour’ (Amelia) – ‘An excellent book;  menacing, informative, intriguing and funny […] Highly recommended.’ (Christina Mama-Kyriacou)

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