The Country House Cricketer

The Country House Cricketer (2014)

The Country House Cricketer – a cricketing trip around some of the country’s finest country houses, longlisted for the MCC/Cricket society book of the year 2015.

On The Country House Cricketer

‘Who would have thought that village cricket and country piles would make such easy bedfellows? Langman tackles both with the zeal of the academic and the eye of the storyteller. Your coffee table will rarely be better served.’ Simon White, author of The Effing C-Word

‘This is one of the best things I’ve ever read about the curious world of non-professional cricket. Beautifully written with both a deft touch and exactly the right amount of detail to satisfy the obsessive without boring the dilettante. Excellent photos add greatly to the enjoyment.’ Anthony McGowan, author, cricketer

‘The greatest country houses pad up with the greatest game and Langman’s self-deprecating style does much to titillate the senses.’ Isabelle Duncan, author of Skirting the Boundary

Clumber Park

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