Must try harder

So, in today’s Indy, Kanye West has been roundly chastised on account of his ‘ignorance and stupidity’ in using Parkinson’s in metaphorical terms, apparently to describe a young lady’s violent booty-shaking in his perview:

“Soon as I pull up and park the Benz / We get this b***h shaking like Parkinson’s.”

It also notes the following:
Steve Ford, Chief Executive at Parkinson’s UK, said: “Kanye West has shown an inexcusable level of stupidity and cruelty towards people living with an incurable condition.
“Life with Parkinson’s is difficult enough without becoming fodder for insensitive celebrities who should know better, looking for their next big hit”. I have seen facebook comments where people are threatening to beat poor Kanye up for his crimes. Now I’m not saying that we ought to condone such cheap laughs at the expense of parky people, but do we really need to get so violently, vitriolically bent out of shape over it all? Yes, it’s stupid, insensitive, crass. No, he shouldn’t have done it … but hasn’t the poor man suffered enough? The man’s a rapper. The best rhyme for ‘park the benz’ is ‘parkinson’s’? Really? It’s a piss-poor half-rhyme let alone full rhyme. My sister imagined him walking around the house:

K W [to self]: So, what rhymes with “Park the Benz”
[K W strokes chin, strikes a rap pose]
Feed the hens … use the mens … visit the fens …
[evidences irritation]
What’s up, [insert self-reflexive yet racially offensive term I can’t even *** out], you damn stupid or somethin?
[mellifluous voice is heard from inside the mansion]
Kim K: Hey K1, you finished your grammy award-winning album yet? You gotta get us on that Limey’s talk show, you promised, K1. K2 and little K3 want to show the world that we’re serious players on the world celebrity stage …
K W: K2, you a mo-fo genius, b**** …

As a Parky person myself, I have been known to make fun of my affliction, and just laughed uproariously when a (very) close friend commented on hearing of my diagnosis, ‘I’ll buy you a lap steel guitar … pretty soon you’ll have the best vibrato.’ The irony here, of course, is that I no longer have a vibrato
After a few quotes from po-faced commentators who take this idiot way too seriously, the Independent provides us with a great example of unintentional ‘wit’ in its final par, suddenly assuming the mantle of panderer of celebrity tittle-tattle to the smugeratti:
“Meanwhile West and his partner Kim Kardashian are reported to have named their new born baby daughter Kaidence Donda West.”
Excuse me? Meanwhile? WTF? What does this add to the story? Oh, hang on, I get ya – Kanye, Kim, Kaidence (Plagal? Perfect? We need to know …) … it’s the KKK show.
Frankly, West’s crass use of PD to describe some ass-shaking lady is the least of his problems … this is a rapper with no sense of rhyme, and whose family initials are KKK.
Don’t pillory the man.
Pity the fool.

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2 thoughts on “Must try harder

  1. Absolutely. Seems to me that there are lots of other things to get angry about – the working conditions of care workers, the underfunding of research into a cure, to name but two. But I just can’t be arsed to care about Mr West. Seems to me a case for education not irritation.

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