One girl called Mo

Wondering how mo is faring this morning after her small bicycle crash last night. There I was, trying to blog, when I heard an almighty crash. A crash so almighty it sounded pretty comprehensively made of more than one individual. I tried to ignore it but said individuals were struggling with whatever they’d just dropped, and so I nipped out to help. I saw nothing at all … but I heard something. Then, by simply peering over on of the parked cars, I saw a rather diminutive lady tangled up in her bike.

I extricated her, ascertained that she was ok (ish), apart from what will likely be a monstrously bruised hip, and what I suspect will turn out to be a rather damaged shoulder. And walked her and her bike home. I’m not sure what will be hurting more … the hip, the shoulder, the head, or the ego …

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