He bangs the drum

Part II

Now. Let’s get a few things straight. Playing the drums is hard. I mean, it’s easy in a certain sense. The sense in which you take a stick and hit big things and they make a noise. In that sense it’s a doddle. I’m sitting on the drum stool with a drummer I have intense respect for watching my every move. And he knows what sort of knowledge I bring to this particular table. The sort of knowledge which acts as a great inhibitor. But, like I said in the previous post, time to get over myself. Time to play some drums and see what all the fuss is about.
We start with the grip. How to hold the sticks. The right-hand is quite orthodox but the left-hand is (unsurprisingly) recalcitrant. I struggle with orthodox grip, so try match grip, the funny sideways grip you see in marching bands. This sort of works, but I soon swap back, though I tend to use the arm rather than wrist in the left wing, but eventually fix this by twisting my hand more. It is, naturally, quite difficult and takes some concentration. I notice the first oddness. Continue reading