Small things

Something strange is currently happening. For some reason (I know not whether it’s PD related or not) the very tip of my left-hand index finger is now numb. It’s spreading very, very slowly. It’s very odd.

This is odd, but has strange ramifications.

I don’t teach the guitar any more. This is not because I can no longer teach, but because when I pick up the guitar in front of people, I get a little crestfallen. Every so often, however, I do give a bit of instruction.

On saturday, while waiting to perform yet another short innings, I gave the captain’s daughter a sort of masterclass. She was nervous, and played some barre chords quite shakily. Hey, I hate the things too, and they’re not a lot of use. I gave her a few hints and tips and then thought sod this. I took the guitar and played a couple of things. I couldn’t play a c major chord. My first finger wouldn’t play ball, because I couldn’t feel the string. Oops.

So I retuned the guitar, showed her how to make a glorious sound with minimum fuss and nonsense, and only a couple of fingers. When she finally realised how simple things could be, she simply took off. Rhythm on the money, notes great, lovely sound.

But it was her mother who really summed it up when she looked at me and smiled. The smile of someone watching their child happy.

Now that’s what teaching is about.