The Duckworth Lewis Method

St George’s in Kemp Town is a funny venue – the toilets are not only outside, but down in the basement – especially for a blasphemous Irishman, but the sound isn’t as bad as it could have been, the sightlines reasonable.

The support was, er … well, let’s just say when he crossed the stage after he was done I was glad he was only going to get his drink, and not play another song.

Then, with the opening bars of Soul Limbo, it began.

Here’s the short review:

Cloaked in neo-colonial garb, the gentlemen and players of Neil Hannon and Thomas Walsh’s celebration of all things crickety, The Duckworth Lewis Method, rattled through their allotted overs at a fair lick, and if the intensity fell away a little in those difficult middle overs, there was enough in the tank to get the crowd to their feet at the death. Relentlessly witty, well-informed and knowledgeable, this is no novelty act, but a band slick enough to improvise a cover of Downtown then nonchalantly let it collapse. They’re really just out to have fun. Like Brearley told Botham in 1981.

With lyrics such as ‘now we’re driving Bentleys, playing twenty twenty’, you just can’t lose. Just a good, fun gig. The ECB need to hire them, as they are simply the perfect ambassadors for the game.

Right. Time to become the Country House Cricketer one more time. Leeds and Broomfield, here I come!

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