The still small shake of palm

[first published 19th Jan 2012]

Ah, serendipity. Not so long back (in fact, a mere two blogs ago), I wrote about dance, exercise and PD. My theory, which I believe to be a reasonable explanation of the phenomena at hand, was that anything which helps develop or accentuate core strength, balance and so forth will help the PWP as it separates the physical from the physiological. That is, your body simply gets on with stuff, and your pitiful attempts at nerve signals are roundly ignored. It’s what we all do constantly – smile and nod while getting on with things as we know best.
There is something else, however.
Since my left arm’s been in a sling, my symptoms have become quite noticeably worse. The digits stiffer, the fist less controllable, and, horror of horrors, the first glimpses of a tremor.
This very statistically significant sample proves beyond a doubt that if my limbs don’t move, the PD gets worse. Quite a bit worse.
So, come on, NHS. Give me exercise on prescription.

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