What a difference a day makes

Well, I’m not entirely convinced it makes that much difference, all things considered, but sometimes it’s impossible to make like-for-like comparisons without unleashing a world of irritation, a sort of sachet of fleas. When I compared last season to this I did so before the game when, last year, I scored my best ever … a glorious and most enjoyable 78. By the point chosen this year, I’d hit 247 runs at 15.4, almost entirely left-handed; last year I had scored 194 at 12. since then, I’ve scored 0, 0, and 2. last year, I scored 78, 17, 1.
So, Lefty falls behind. What makes it all the more galling is that at Ashdown Forest I got a first-baller, having spent the rest of the game in the outfield, touching the ball three times. I didn’t feel the love that Sunday. It was a brute of a delivery, the match report making a mild jibe at my lack of foot movement. A little similar to the previous week when I ‘patted the ball back’ to the bowler. I patted it back hard enough to knock him over. In fact, I’m feeling increasingly alienated from what is my club. Not entirely sure why … On thursday, I’m done by a shooter. First ball again. So, to today’s game, another Hastings and St leonard’s side which, I’m afraid, does not count as an adult team. I suppose we should have been thankful there were only 7 juniors, not 9 like the previous time we played them. I took a good catch at silly-ish mid-off and the batsman stood his ground, questioning the validity of the catch. Rather cheekily, I thought. But the opener batted well, carrying his bat for 42. bowling them out for 127 we ought to have won, but a few rash shots against very sharp bowling (the younger players all represent their region, so are damn good), and I’m in with 12 runs on the boards and three wickets down. I edge two deliveries for singles, playing a good few drives (straight, cover and square) without piercing the field. The ball is cutting back away from or across me quite vigorously, but I’m comfortable, blocking, driving and leaving without any problems. Eight overs. Patience. I know the runs will come. Then one hits the bat and spins back, hitting the base of my stumps. It did the same to the oppo’s opener, only for him it moved, but failed to dislodge, the bails. My innings score is 2, but the partnership of mainly extras was 30-odd, and, well … the scorebook tells a very partial story.
The irony is, I feel comfortable, I look comfortable … but it’s not translating into runs. Ought I purposely move out of the comfort zone? Ought I switch back to right and live by the sword? Is it the prevarication which is doing for me? Or am I on the cusp of it really working?

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