writing with parkinson’s

This morning I responded to a twweet from a fellow paarky about aainnvolutary amovemnet. I wrote ‘it’s a buggea. Goodaaa job I’m naoat a writaer.oah.’ asa a response. He tweeted eme bacaaaak saaying it’as like ahhaaving aa suattera in tetx. I repalied thata i sometims want to publish aaa fiaart darafat atao gie pewople ann iadaea of whata it’s like.
Soa I have,. 63 words nd a4aaminutea.
Parakinson’a i aaahaarad.

2 thoughts on “writing with parkinson’s

  1. Well done 👍 Pete and I’m really glad you have posted – I feel moved. your writing has helped me increase my awareness of what it’s like for you to write from with the Parkinson’s world – thank you. Regards Lina

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