Here are the few things I published as an academic. Teeny they may be, but they are the remnants of several years of toil. Some of it’s not bad.

Negotiating the Jacobean Printed Book, ed. by Pete Langman (Farnham: Ashgate, 2011). Introduction (pp. 1-14) and Chapter 7 (pp. 101-16) by me. Reviewed in The Library (nice review), Renaissance Quarterly (not so nice), Sixteenth Century Journal (nice again), Seventeenth Century News (positive) and cited by Sarah Werner, CILIP Rare Books and Special Collections newsletter,

The audience is listening: reading writing about learning by doing’, in Learning by doing: experiments and instruments in the history of science teaching, ed. by Peter Heering and Roland Wittje (Stuttgart: Franz Steiner, Verlag, 2011), pp. 31-54.

‘The Future Now: Chance, Time, and Natural Divination in the Thought of Francis Bacon’, as found in The Uses of the Future in Early Modern Europe, ed. by Andrea Brady and Emily Butterworth (London: Routledge, 2009), pp. 142-58.

I giue thee leaue to publish‘ New Atlantis and Francis Bacon’s Republic of Knowledge as found in Centres and Cycles of Accumulation in and Around the Netherlands during the Early Modern Period, ed. by Lissa Roberts, (Zurich: Lit Verlag, 2011), pp. 53-73. Reviewed in ISIS

Renaissance Quarterly Review of Bacon’s The History of Henry VII, RQ, 64 (2012): 1326-27.

Renaissance Quarterly Review of Francis Bacon and the Refiguring of Early Modern Thought, RQ, 59, (2006): 939-41.

Journal of Ecclesiastical History Review of Theology and Science in the Thought of Francis Bacon, JEH, 60 (2009): 384-85.

Beyond, both the old world, and the new: Authority and knowledge in the works of Francis Bacon, with special reference to the New Atlantis, PhD thesis, 2006.

Francis Bacon’s New Atlantis – My entry for the Literary Encyclopedia, here as a PDF

Enlightening Science – a series of videos, podcasts and transcriptions relating to the reception and dissemination of Newtonian philosophy in the C18th. I produced, directed and edited all of the resources here.

Windows on Genius – this project involved my interviewing historians of science, with th interviews forming part of the CUL digital library.

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