On Parkinson’s and Coronavirus – The Independent 6 May 2020

I Am Chapter Twelve – on appearing in someone’s memoirs

Dating with Dopamine – published by the Wellcome Trust

living with early-onset Parkinson’s – published by the Wellcome Trust

The Guardian Disability Diaries and interview

Chavs, sluts and the war of words (Guardian ‘Mind your language’, 2011) – on linguistic colonialism

Love and other drugs (Prospect online, 2011) – my reaction to the Anne Hathaway vehicle

What has facebook done to our relationship with death? (Prospect online, 2010) – a piece based on the sad death of Gena Dry, and how I found out by facebook.

The Longest Wait (Independent, 2008) – on diagnosis (online here)

A fictitious Bacon (Prospect online, 2005) – a piece replying to a particularly poor piece of writing by Terence Kealey

Other stuff:

PhD2published: promiscuous penmanship

Literary encyclopedia on Francis Bacon’s New Atlantis

Guitar tips on The Fashion Project

Revealing no coin in hand – Rock yoga. Damn, you just know it makes sense!

Please don’t teach them Shakespeare (2008) – a reaction to the then education minister’s decision that children as young as 5 ought to be taught shakespeare. Fool.

Cutting a shape in Time – An old piece on Ezra Pound and music

Freud, Klein and Dr Seuss – an old essay on Freudian sublimation, Kleinian reparation and the Cat in the Hat

Polymathematics – a response to Jim Giles’ piece in Prospect, Go figure

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